Artist Statement

Lucy Pike is a photographer from South West England, currently based in Mid Devon.

Lucy has completed her bachelor's degree from Plymouth College of Art, with her work focusing on the ways in which people interact with their surroundings.

Lucy uses photography to capture these unique and transient moments within both landscape and domestic spaces. Each image encapsulates the sense of place, drawing out the character and meaning we assign to our environment while promoting individuality.

The image of rural life is of great significance and the primary motivation into the production of Lucy's photography. From traditional landscape photography to the documenting of agricultural business, the photographs featured presents an authentic portrayal of small-scale, traditional farming and the bridge between the old and new. Lucy's photography captures a place that people will probably never see and brings it into the public conscience. The work stems from a connection with her immediate surroundings and the desire to preserve the current status of the locality. Forming a connection with the subject is of fundamental importance, from the beginning to the end of the image making process presenting a version of the location unimagined and immersive.